BpI Hydroponic Aquaponic Seminar!




This page will be updated with further details on specific topics and speakers as the event draws nearer. Please return for more information!


Bioponics Institute offers a quarterly 3 day seminar program focusing on the technology and business of commercial hydroponics – begining the weekend of August 9-11, 2013. The Hydroponic Aquaponic Intensive Training Seminar is held at the Santa Fe Community College, Jemez conference room and is designed for those who have wondered what it would be like to produce hydroponic food commercially. Don’t miss an opportunity to really learn about the hydroponics/aquaponics industry, the current technology, its amazing benefits, and how you can make it work for you, your family and community.


General Admission: $395

before July 9, $370 after July 10 and at the door $395

Veteran and Student Admission: $295 *

* to qualify for this discount mailed payment must be accompanied by a copy of legal student/veteran ID or shown at the door. 

Payment accepted by personal check if received by July 31.

Money order accepted at anytime.

Only cash and money order accepted at the door. 

Make payment to: Bioponics Institute

Send to: Bioponics Institute, 369 Montezuma Ave. #608, Santa Fe, NM 87501

If you’re interested in attending and have questions contact us at: http://bioponicsinstitute.com/exchange/real-food/


Please note we will have refreshments catered for attendees so do register early to help us determine the group size. Thank you!





  1. We supply hydroponic veggie projects in N-America with technology (LED’s) and consumables (grow cubes, hooks and twine, coco slabs, etc). Do you have an e-newsletter I can receive? Thanks! John

    • admin_BP

      how interesting!

      we don’t have a newsletter just yet, but soon and we’ll be sure to let you know.

  2. Please add me to your e-mail list serve for these courses. I just located the hydroponics course a moment ago. I would have arranged to attend had I seen it earlier. Thank you!

  3. What are the dates for the NEXT quarterly classes?
    August not possible for us.
    Thank you, Ellyn Theobald

    • admin_BP

      the next bioponics greenhouse management course starts january 2014. we will email those interested and update the site with the date when it becomes available. thank you for your interest!

  4. Laurel Taylor

    When will your next quarterly seminar be available? Thanks

  5. We have growers who are interested in Aeroponics. Do you offer courses or do you have any information or sources of information on Aeroponics?

    • admin_BP

      we address both aeroponics and fogponics, two different hydroponic techniques, in class but not in depth as we don’t yet have the systems for hands on. the class teacher, eric highfield, mentions that with aeroponics plants grow faster because of increased oxygen, however, the technology can be problematic because the spray nozzles can clog. beyond our teacher — we have no information resources outside of the publications made available on the internet.

  6. Jeanie Prosch

    I am looking for online courses in aquaponics. Do not need a degree, just accreditation. I live in Glen St. Mary, Fl. Please let me know if you have info concerning this. Thanks!

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